Partying with a Purpose since 2007!


Join fellow parrotheads from Waterloo and Wellington regions who enjoy the music of Jimmy Buffett, a parrothead lifestyle, and partying for good causes in the community! Monthly meetings and special events are held throughout the region!

Parrots on the Grand is proud to support a number of deserving causes, both in our community and internationally.

Upcoming Events

Club eat'n'greet meetings take place monthly. They are a chance to swap stories, enjoy some fine fare, and ensure that summer lives on regardless of the temperature outside!

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Get Active with us!

Parrots on the Grand have hosted a number of great events here in Waterloo region, and suppoted some great charities while doing so.

We also love to support the great events put on by our fellow Parrot Heads throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond!

We would love to see you at our next event!

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